Garden Maintenance Services

Need more help steering your garden back into health?

We offer an array of maintenance services to help your task of stewardship easier and more abundant.

Our team can perform the following garden rejuvenation services:

  • compost tea applications

  • pruning for tree health/production

  • organic fertility treatments

  • replanting vegetable beds or understory crops

Service charges vary depending on the size of the project and service provided.

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Compost Tea / fertility amendments

Veggie bed replanting

Pruning for fruit production and tree health

Understory planting

What is compost tea?

An aerobically brewed "tea" from organic compost and organic microbe foods like sea kelp and humic acid. This liquid contains a mix of millions of beneficial soil microbes to boost the health and resiliency of your plants.

What are our compost tea services?

We offer both single and tri-yearly applications to fit all of your food forest, vegetable bed and edible landscaping needs. We tailor and make our compost teas specifically to your site and its needs.

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Single spray

  • Up to 1,000 square feet $75

  • 1,000-2,000 square feet $150

Maintenance sprays (three times a year)

  • Up to 1,000 square feet $210

  • 1,000-2000 square feet $430

Why use compost tea?

  • Creates healthy, organic soil

  • Boosts your plant's resilience and adaptability to stresses like drought and extreme heat

  • Reduces your water bill and need for groundwater irrigation

  • Saves money compared to traditional landscaping

  • Removes the need of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides

  • Can safely be used around pets and children

  • Improves nutritional quality of plants

  • A climate change fighting fertility treatment; no tilling or soil-biology-disturbing treatments necessary

  • Increases plant's natural defenses against disease and pests

  • Supports other local businesses via locally sourced compost for our compost tea