Do you have an already established orchard or garden, but not the time to steward, or the know-how to solve a continuous issue?

Thinking about starting a new garden and would like advice or feedback for your ideas?

Our consultations can get you started with all the advice and resources you need. We offer holistic, science-based and in-person permaculture consultations that provide you with all the tools, local resources and advice to get you back on track toward abundance or to get you started on your growing journey.

Consultation services are $75 per hour with a two-hour minimum. Travel fees are subject to those residing outside of the Orlando area.

Schedule a free preliminary phone call today.

The process:

We begin with a meeting you at your site for a walk about and discussion of your goals and site.

Your specific goals, budget and ecological parameters inform our understanding of the health of your system or its future possibilities, and we use those guiding principles to create a rough plan. We then provide you with feedback and actionable items to move your landscape back into harmony and production, or to get you started growing.