Regenerative Designs is an edible landscaping company serving Central Florida. We specialize in ecological and edible gardens, permaculture designs, food forests, mycology, and holistic maintenance services.

Our work is to integrate human-made systems and natural systems, creating mutually beneficial relationships between the two. Starting with one landscape, one family at a time, we will co-create a more beautiful and flourishing world together. Join us on this adventure.

Services We Offer

We offer holistic, science-based maintenance services to transform your relationship with your landscape into a more abundant, stress-free and joyful practice.

Looking for an easy way to begin your journey into regenerative health, permaculture gardening, or connecting to where your food comes from? Look no further than our food forest packages.

We combine knowledge and techniques from permaculture, ecological design and indigenous knowledge to build landscapes that are regenerative and life-giving to both humans and the natural world.

our values

Human health

Regenerating human health through beyond-organic, nutrient-dense food and homegrown medicine

Soil and ecosystem health

Protecting and regenerating damaged ecosystems, building soil and creating pollinator habitats 

Adaptability and resilience

Creating landscapes that will adapt to climate change and mitigate excess heat, flooding, and droughts so that we can flourish into the future